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About Mary’s Crusade

Mass Abortion since 1967 has been attempting to destroy the fabric of our world. We urgently need to bring back the souls of our nations through a crusade of 2 Pillars that will crush the head of the serpent. These pillars are those of Don Bosco’s dream on May 30,… Read More

Prayer of Consecration

Mary’s Crusade for Life – Official Prayer of Consecration Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for the Gift of LIFE and allowing me to come into the light of Life. Life itself, the Word Made Flesh became incarnate in the Womb of the Mother today in the “Fullness of Time”. How… Read More

Mary’s Crusade for Life

Our Mission To offer our Holy Communions to awaken the souls of all nations to recognise that the life of every human being is SACRED from conception to natural death, and to institute new just laws in each country to protect every child in the womb. … Read More

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We invite those wishing to join Mary’s Crusade for Life to complete this form. The details you provide will be used solely to populate our counters and for email notifications. You can change or delete your details and notification settings at any time. We never share your data. NameEmail… Read More